The Found *NSYNC Fan Fiction Radio Hour We read aloud pages of one author’s *NSYNC fan fiction, from a binder found at a thrift store. With piano accompaniment!

April 19, 2016  


Melodrama ensues as the protagonist Kelly ends up back with Joey Fatone, after David kicks her out, when he realizes something is brewing as she continues her life on the road with *NSYNC. The rest of the band is thrilled to have Kelly back on the scene.  At a steamy post-show dance club, Kelly and Joey flirt with each other. Cameo appearances include Blink 182 and Jeremy Piven (what?!).

As always, *NSYNC continues to win awards.

We make shitty wine spritzers with Mad Housewive wine and club soda.

Sacha accompanies with a variety of settings on his keyboard including, inadvertantly, a harpsichord.

And, as usual, we overview and speculate with a post-reading selection analysis.

In Found *NSYNC Fan Fiction, we chronologically read aloud pages of one author's *NSYNC fan fiction, from a binder found at a thrift store in Chicago. We have not read ahead, so you're experiencing each page with us IN REAL TIME.

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