The Found *NSYNC Fan Fiction Radio Hour We read aloud pages of one author’s *NSYNC fan fiction, from a binder found at a thrift store. With piano accompaniment!

September 3, 2015  


We drink crappy orangello and do random accents while reading about our female narrator's adventures with Joey Fatone from *NSYNC! This episode: girls fawn over the band, crying, screaming and requesting kisses for two hours. Then it's time for an awards show! At a party afterwards, Sarah Michelle Gellar gives the narrator advice. Plus, limos and champagne!

A note: Our narrator may or may not be named Kelly. Kelly is also the name of the woman she is supposed to be posing as, which is NOT CONFUSING IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER AND WHY WOULD YOU THINK THAT?

In Found *NSYNC Fan Fiction we chronologically read aloud pages of one author's *NSYNC fan fiction, from a binder found at a thrift store in Chicago. We have not read ahead, so you're experiencing each page with us IN REAL TIME.

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