Liz and Sacha sit at the Some Office studio at the Cards Against Humanity building and enact pages from a binder found at a thrift store full of some girl’s *NSYNC fan fiction that focuses on band member Joey Fatone.

In this episode, our narrator Kelly learns the truth behind controversial pictures featuring a mystery girl with Joey. She also talks about going back to school, adopts a chimp and goes to the Bahamas. We snicker like twelve year old boys when someone accidentally says “thrust” instead of “trust,” discuss Whitney Houston “goosing it up,” deliberate whether to eat a banana, make grand hand gestures that nobody can see, incorrectly wish happy Krampusnacht on the wrong date and much more. All this, while Sacha plays songs on his piano of westward expansion mixed with holiday standards, most of which kind of sound like music that one would play on some horrific judgement day. And as usual, we laugh ourselves silly with how preposterous the whole thing is.

Links we said we'd include:

Sacha sang vocals on a cover of Gloomy Sunday you can listen to here for the movie called The Hagstone Demon that stars Mark Borchardt.

Liz was on a reality show. You can watch it here.

Props to online StillNSYNC community on Facebook for the shout out and love for our podcast. You can check them out here.

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Here's a picture of the binder, enjoy:



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