The Found *NSYNC Fan Fiction Radio Hour We read aloud pages of one author’s *NSYNC fan fiction, from a binder found at a thrift store. With piano accompaniment!

Ta-daaa! It's Britney Ever After, Bitch!

We take a break from reading from the binder of found *NSYNC fan fiction, and recap an important television event!

No, not the new season of Twin Peaks!

It’s Britney After After, the Lifetime biopic, starring Natasha Bassett as Britney Spears. As usual, Sacha accompanies on his keyboards!

Also in this episode: Maya Angelou's cookbook, the saddest Dunkin’ Donuts in all of the land, pizza in an s-shaped all-edges pan, parking backwards to make a quick getaway, not having the rights to play the songs, watching Britney Spears concert videos in the dental department of Sears, the ill-fated Britney song Chillin' With You ft. Jamie Lynn, condensing moments for clarity, the claymation version of Justin Timberlake, going to buy a Timbaland album but accidentally buying a Justin Timberlake album, reenacting Lynn Spears’ memoir, celebrity as illness, dark Disney and more!


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