Liz and Sacha enact pages from a binder found at a thrift store full of some girl’s *NSYNC fan fiction that focuses on band member Joey Fatone and the love of his life, a narrator named Kelly.


After years of reading from this god damn binder, in this episode we get to the last page! And it's a who's who of, well, something. Kelly’s study partner is Marc Blucas (who played Riley Finn on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a truly random choice, we agree). He invites her to watch him play basketball with Dean Cain, Topher Grace, Shane West, Barry Pepper and Casey Affleck. What an invitation! To sit in the stands and watch 90s celebrities play ball! We know you are jealous that this is not a true story featuring you. Kelly and Joey argue over the phone about Kelly's friendship with Marc while he’s out of town. In the meantime Marc thanks Kelly for helping him with business class, by arranging a performance of Johnny Rzeznik from the Goo Goo Dolls for her benefit in a large mansion. Then more shit hits more fans in true cliffhanger fashion, just in time for the story to conclude in true in medias res.


Also: random alliteration, ridiculous accompaniment, The Jersey Devil, menacing messages, notes in the margins…and more.


All this, while Sacha accompanies us on his piano.


What will become of this podcast now? Should we take suggestions? Will we ever learn how this story ends after the cliffhanger? Will the author of this binder ever discover us shamelessly reading from it? Perhaps one day the rest of the story will appear in another binder at some thrift store somewhere here in Chicago, and then we will get a satisfactory conclusion. E-mail us at CabooseZine(at)gmail(dot)com to tell us how you think it should end.


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